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° acrylic colour on canvas with glitter, silk ribbon and...a rip in the canvas (read the story)

° 84 x 104 x 4,5

° carved and gilded wood frame


All sizes in cm width x height x depth.

Painted in 2005


1.200,00 €Price

    Story of the scar:

    One dark and stormy night the lights were still on at the Villa Otterbourne. Lilian and some friends had one of those spontaneous home parties that frequently lasted until dawn. In the heat of the moment she kicked off her shoes, climbed onto the dinner table and jumped up to grab hold of the chandelier. In full swing, Lilian let go to do a planned safe landing on grandma’s trusty old récamière. Instead she first hit the wall, cut her shoulder on that ghastly old deer antler - then landed safely on the Chaiselongue.

    Lilian was born in 1984.She is the daughter of Gabrielle Otterbourne and male top model James "Jimmy" Dee. After school she went to San Francisco where she opened a café on Haight/Ashbury and took acting lessons.Her first appearance on stage was a big success and she got a starring role in the remake of “What´s new, Pussycat”…. which was the all time favourite movie of Danny Kraemer, a baseball pro from Louisiana. He watched the show from the first row for weeks until Lilian realised that she had an admirer. Many love letters, flowers, chocolate boxes and phone calls later they moved into one of those colourful little Victorian houses that San Francisco is famous for. That´s where André, the youngest member of The Otterbourne family, was born in 2006.


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