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  • acrylic paint on canvas 
  • 57 x 70 x 6 (incl. frame)
  • gilded wood frame


All sizes in cm width x height x depth.

Painted in 2011

Violetta Otterbourne 2003

1.100,00 €Price

    Violetta (  born 1973)

    Is the oldest daughter of Saphira Otterbourne and Comte Andrej Petrovsky de Reaulain.

    As a child she loved experimenting with all sorts of poisons that her great grandmother had left her mother and her family soon found out that it was dangerous to everybody's health to let her play in the laboratory.

    At the age of ten she was a full-blown goth and was sent to Switzerland to a public school where her class mates discovered that her talents were quite useful for the creation of interesting new recreational drugs.

    When she turned eighteen she gave birth to her son James while on a school hike in the Engardin valley. She lives in Devonshire with Carl Volta, a blue-blooded scallywag.

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