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  • acrylic paint on canvas with ostrich feathers, engraved mother of pearl jewellery, sequins and various pearls
  • 66,5 x 77,5 x 6 (incl. frame)
  • carved wood frame with gilded detail


All sizes in cm width x height x depth.

Painted in 2011

Eloise Otterbourne 1898

2.450,00 €Price

    Eloise was born in 1873. Aged 16 she ran away from home, worked as an artists' model in London then went to Paris to become a celebrated courtesan. Around 1998 success and adoration bored her. She went back to London, got married to Sir Theodore Otterbourne in 1900 and had a child, Silvina. No one ever knew where Madame Eloise Otterbourne came from and why her husband Theodore  – a wealthy admiral in the British Navy – never came back from his last journey. Eloise and her daughter Silvina did not seem to miss him too much. He was declared lost at sea and Eloise became a widow. The heritage included a mansion in London and enough money to live a splendid life. Boredom set in again and secretly Eloise started poisoning people. She was a well respected member of society, and when she died her funeral was like a state funeral.

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