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  • acrylic paint on board
  • 47 x 75 x 3 (incl. frame)
  • molded frame synthetic material


All sizes in cm width x height x depth.

Painted in 2011


940,00 €Price
  • VERA OTTERBOURNE 1998 ( born 1976 )

    Vera was born in 1976 and is the second daughter of Saphira Otterbourne and Comte Andrej. Her mother showed her the wondrous treasures of nature: snake poison and practical plants like hemlock and belladonna. Vera has inherited her love for the botany of Grandma Sidonie. Vera lived with her for a while and started cultivating "kitchen herbs". In 1996 she revolutionized the organic food industry with her amazingly effective "tea blends" but had to close down her business when customers became addicted. She lives in Connecticut and has two children - Cécile and Julian - with Mario Cooper-Clarke, the son of a British beat poet.

    The crack in the frame of the painting was caused by a shoe that was thrown at her sister Vanilla. It missed Vanilla by an inch but hit the painting of Vera and it fell off the wall. Mario shook his head when he saw the damage and repaired it carefully.


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