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  • acrylic paint on canvas
  • 11,5 x 14,5 x 2,2 incl. frame
  • gilded wooden frame


all sizes in cm width x height x depth.

painted in 2011


240,00 €Price

    Saphira Otterbourne - born in 1954 - was the daughter of Sidonie      Otterbourne and a untalented Swedish writer. In Marrakesh she led a secluded life à la Bohème. One day Comte Andrej Petrovsky de Reaulain knocked on the age-old wooden door and he was asked to come in. He stayed for two years. When he left, he took Saphira with him to his Chateau Reaulain near Deauville. Saphira had inherited the old formulae and recipes of her grandmother Silvina and passed them on to her daughters. Violetta had a talent for handling poisonous mushrooms and Vera studied the wonders of snake venom. Only the pet of the family Vanilla was excluded from the fun in the laboratory.

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