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  • acrylic and varnish on canvas (different lightings give the painting various tones)
  • 80 x 80 x 2


all sizes in cm width x height x depth.

painted in 2018


1.120,00 €Price
  • NICO

    I met Nico after a concert with her band The Faction at the legendary Quartier Latin (now The Wintergarten) on Potsdamer Straße in Berlin. My friend gave me an aftershow pass. Watching people meet and greet back stage - various musicians, colleagues and friends - I waited for the right time until I asked her if she would give me an autograph. She smiled at me and said: "Sehr gerne. Für wen soll ich es unterschreiben?" I have no idea what possessed me when I said: "Schreibe bitte für deine Tochter." She gave me a long look straight in the eyes. Then smiling again at me nodded and signed my concert ticket.

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