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Wee Flowers presented her brand new piece „CHERCHEZ LA FEMME !“ (see video) At the booth of Strychnin Gallery – Berlin / New York / London.

The Story of Salome Otterbourne

Part 3: „CHERCHEZ LA FEMME !“ At the beginning of the last century Lady Salome Otterbourne, the widow of Sir Theodore Otterbourne, and her daughter Silvina were respected members of London’s society. When Lady Salome was shot while travelling in Egypt her corpse was returned to England and buried at the Highgate cemetery with a rather pompous funeral attended by the upper crust. Weeks later Scotland Yard vividly started investigating the abrupt stop of a series of unexplained murders – all of them poisonings – in connection with the demise of Lady Otterbourne. Further research led to an address in Mayfair where the police found a very well hidden chest in the cellar containing a pile of meticulously kept journals with names, dates, various chemical compounds,a lot of money and two portraits – depicting the young Lady Otterbourne. One was showing a teenage Salome proudly wearing a semi-precious brooch with the initials “PCA” ( “ Perfect Crime Award” )…

Cherchez La Femme ! – 64 x 64 x 12 cm, acrylic and varnish on wood



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