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Opening Party, 27th of September 2018 I had the ultimate pleasure of joining a group of international renowned artist in September and got to know them better while painting on site. It was amazing to see the artists at work at their studios inside the museum. The panel I did in the community room on 5th floor is called „Siouxsie“.

Grand Opening

Record Store Day, April, 21st – all day long (MO-SA 11am-7pm)

Two Places

Dodo Beach East – Berlin, Danziger Straße 31 Dodo Beach Records – Berlin, Vorbergstraße 8


In this show Wee Flowers presents a selection of Rock and Roll portraits of her musical icons. She paints the portraits that are loaded with gold, glitter and respect while the record player is blasting the hymns: Anarchy in the U.K., Christine, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Rip Her To Shreds, Jumping Jack Flash, Here Comes The Sun, Chelsea Girls…. A joint project with Britta von Willert.

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