16. Mai 2015 christian

Wee Flowers at Art Fair 21

p>ART FAIR 21 in Köln | Kunstmesse/ArtFair | 29.10.10 – 1.11.10

Wee Flowers sold the painting „Miss O.“ (top right on the photo).


Wee Flowers also presented her brand new piece
„POETRY AND POISON – The Dangerous Diary of Silvina O.“
(see picture) at the booth of Strychnin Gallery – Berlin / New York / London.


In the poetry book – containing detailed information about the work of
Silvina O. as a poisoner – one can find the clue for the hidden key.
It is in the book with the title: Gösta Berling
The key opens the cabinet with the portrait

There is only ONE key …so be careful.

The cabinet measures 35 cm x 45 cm
The shelf measures 40 cm x 60 cm