“On a rainy November night one year ago the phone rang in the salon.
There was a notary of the chancellery Rutton, Blackminster & Tromp
Limited from London who would like to speak to me about an inheritance.

He told me tender-heartedly, that I was now the heiress to the Otterbourne
Mansion in London, a formerly charming estate that is currently in a rather
unfortunate condition. Urgently needed is the repair of the roof.

After I had seen my house, and found only a few sellable – fairly curious – objects
in the attic, hardly enough to pay the reparation, I decided to paint portraits
of my family in order to put them up for sale in this exhibition.“


Wee.Flowers.Salome Wee.Flowers.Theodore

Madame Salomé Otterbourne and her husband Theodore

No one ever knew where Madame Salome Otterbourne came from and why her husband Sir Theodore Otterbourne – a wealthy captain in the British Navy – never came back from his last journey. Salome and her daughter Silvina did not seem to miss him too much. The heritage included an ancient mansion in London W 1 and enough money to live a splendid life.


Silvina Otterbourne

Silvina, now the only heiress to the Otterbourne fortune took the money and ran away with James Anthony Winston a pseudo-communist from Blackpool. They lived in Bombay when Silvina gave birth to twins: Alexander and Sidonie. When all the money was gone James was gone, too. Just like her mother Silvina was a dedicated follower of gin. One day, when Sidonie and Alexander came home from school they found a goodbye letter and an empty bottle.

Wee.Flowers.Sidonie Wee.Flowers.Alexander

Sidonie & Alexander Otterbourne (my father)

Sidonie and Alexander went back to England where they stayed with a friend of Silvina until Sidonie went to Paris where she studied music – cello in particular. Alexander, who always loved cars, started race driving at an early age and soon became rather successful: the rallye “Paris – Dakkar” ended in a smoky hash den …in one arm the prize he had won, in the other the notorious “Jet Set It Girl” Amanda Flowers.


Amanda Flowers (my mother)

Meanwhile Sidonie fell in love with a lion tamer named Jaques “Le Tigre” Dupont and joined the circus. On the way to America by ocean liner she gave birth to her first daughter Emerald. Her second daughter Saphira – from a Swedish writer in exile – was born in Marrakech.


Emerald & Saphira Otterbourne

Emerald grew up travelling with her father across America. She stayed in New York to take dance lessons and started working as a gogo girl in several downtown beat clubs where she also got introduced to drugs and free love. Her sister Saphira lived in Morocco with her mother and later married former flower child Comte Andrej Perovski de Reaulain with whom she had three beautiful daughters:

Wee.Flowers.Violetta Wee.Flowers.Vera Wee.Flowers.Vanilla

Violetta, Vera and Vanilla.

(some paintings still available.)